Lessons are available as follows:
Sundays thru Thusday 7:00am- 10pm
Fridays 7:00am-6pm
Saturdays 8:00am-1pm

Prices - Individual lessons
Are based within a 10 mile radius of Long Branch, New Jersey
Lessons outside this zone are subject to higher rates
All rates are frozen for two years.

30 min - $35.00
45 min - $50.00
60 min - $70.00
15 min - $20.00
( for young children)

Lessons as payable 4 sessions at a time
Three absenses allowed per calender year, all other missed lessons will be charged to student.
48 hours required for cancellations: missed lessons must be made up

Prices - Group lessons
Please call or email for more information:

Email: abdospiano@aol.com